Accounting and Finance Assistance & Outsourcing

Your needs for accounting and financial assistance are always specific, and this is why Dba offers an efficient and flexible service designed to suit your environment. That solution may cover assistance for your accounting service in the drawing up of financial statements, and may go as far as the full outsourcing of your accounting and financial function. Because our corporate vision goes way beyond accounting obligations, the prime purpose of our engagements is first and foremost to support your company in its strategic ways forward.

The versatility of our people and our wide-ranging experience mean that we can propose a dedicated service product for accounting and financial assistance.

Our product:

To back up or substitute production teams, we adapt to your environment in order to actively participate in the establishment, review and auditing of financial information. Our consultants have the technical training and related professional practice needed to integrate quickly into any type of organization.

All our consultants are higher education graduates – from university, business school or courses in certified accounting – and have two-way experience working with both accounting firms and business companies.

Accounting and Taxation

We operate across the whole accounting process with the set objectives of meeting deadlines and assuring the quality and analysis of information.
Our service product includes:

  • Support for the accounting function and back-up for teams in the recording of day-to-day operations, closure of accounts or superintendence
  • Assistance in the production of accounts and tax returns
  • Exceptional assignments: clearance of unsettled accounts, search for precedence and justifications
  • Support for outsourcing your accounts function

Consolidation and group reporting

Whether for the reporting or auditing of consolidated information, each entity has specific requirements to meet in terms of deadline and quality. To help meet these requirements, our engagements cover the following headings (amongst others):

  • Establishment of consolidated accounts and annex statements
  • Review of consolidated accounts, the formal preparation of analysis notes and audit files
  • Establishment and review of other reporting lines (reciprocal operations, timing of jobs/resources, ratios…)
  • Establishment or updating of procedure and auditing guides

Managament control

Our staff are able to meet the requirements linked to the management control function:

  • Establishment of reporting lines and analysis of information
  • Treatment of the budget process
  • Accounting/back office reconciliations
  • Management and feeding of reference guides/benchmarking.
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Dba is a certified accounting, audit and consulting group that associates skills and solutions to support senior management, finance and HR divisions. We are based in Paris and support our clients in France and abroad.
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