Banking & Insurance

Dba made excellent work of their assignment, delivering its own expertise and in-depth knowledge of the management field

The business purpose of our department, focused on the Banking & Insurance sectors and composed of function specialists, is to offer Financial and Risk Management divisions a dedicated service provision for consulting and transition management.

Service product:


To back or to stand in for your production teams, we adjust to your environment in order to participate in the establishment, auditing and verification of financial information.

Accounting and taxation

We operate over the whole accounting process with the objectives of respecting deadlines and the quality and analysis of information. Our service product includes:

  • Outsourcing your accounting function and backing up teams when it comes to recording day-to-day operations, closing accounts or superintendence
  • Establishing financial statements and group reporting lines
  • Exceptional assignments: clearance of unsettled accounts, search for precedence and justifications

Regulatory and prudential assistance

Our teams operate by your side to guarantee respect for regulatory and prudential obligations:

  • Establishment, review and audit of regulatory and prudential reporting lines (solvency and liquidity ratios, COREP, SURFI, C statement…)
  • Regulatory and technical monitoring
  • Management of risks and regulatory compliance (97-02, Basel, Solvency...)
  • Financial security (countering money-laundering, market abuse, the financing of terrorism, internal and external fraud, e-payments…)
  • Internal auditing device (permanent, periodical, audits)

Consolidation and Group Reporting

Whether for the reporting or auditing of consolidated information, each entity has specific requirements to meet in terms of deadline and quality. To help meet them, our engagements cover the following aspects (amongst others):

  • Establishment of consolidated accounts and annex statements
  • Review of consolidated accounts, the formal preparation of analysis notes and audit files
  • Establishment and review of other reporting lines (reciprocal operations, timing of jobs/resources, ratios…)
  • Establishment or updating of procedure and auditing guides

Management control

Our staff are able to meet the requirements linked to the management control function:

  • Establishment of reporting lines and analysis of information
  • Treatment of the budget process
  • Accounting/back office reconciliations
  • Management and feeding of reference guides/benchmarking.



For Project Management Organization (PMO) or Project Management Assistance, we offer support to help steer change projects aimed at organization, regulations or information systems.
Our teams provide project expertise when it comes to accounting, consolidation, regulatory and prudential reporting, or management control.

Project Management Assistance and PMO

When migrating or upgrading your information system, we work with you to roll out solutions for:

  • Project steering
  • Resource management
  • Tracking of deadlines and costs
  • Operational planning
  • Map charting and process analysis
  • Drafting of specifications, MOE interface, tests and validation
  • Drafting of flow charts
  • Adaptation and definition of workflows
  • User training

Changes to organizations

Our engagements for your reorganization projects cover the following:

  • Evaluation of the existing set-up
  • Definition of target organizations
  • Identification of resources to be implemented
  • Support for change Management

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Dba is a certified accounting, audit and consulting group that associates skills and solutions to support senior management, finance and HR divisions. We are based in Paris and support our clients in France and abroad.
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