Our Functions – Certified Accounting
Certified accounting Our Functions – Certified Accounting Dba Externalisation comptable
Philippe BOUCHER

Your company is unique, your needs are specific. This is why Dba offers an efficient and flexible solution tailored to your environment. That solution may cover assistance for your accounting service in the drawing up of financial statements, and may go as far as the full outsourcing of your accounts function.

Because our corporate vision goes way beyond accounting obligations, the prime purpose of our engagements is first and foremost to support your company in its strategic ways forward.

Bookkeeping and Auditing

If you wish to outsource your accounting or require support in the establishment of annual accounts, our team is on hand to provide reliable information and meet all official deadlines.


If you wish to outsource your accounting function, we propose accessing your accounts by way of a secured extranet service. For auditing and assistance in the establishment of your annual accounts, a dedicated team will be provided to meet your every need.

Dealing with tax obligations

Besides bookkeeping and auditing, we produce or help you with all your tax returns. Dba associates and teams support you for tax audits in collaboration with tax lawyers, with whom we enjoy close and preferential relations.


Our team, backed by expertise in the establishment of periodical reporting, handles the production of reliable financial information within the given time-frames and using the formats required by your company.

Management Control/Cost Accounting

Being able to measure and monitor a company’s performance is a crucial issue, which is why we propose assistance in the implementation of decision-support tools: drawing up business plans, forecast profit-and-loss accounts, cash-flow follow-up and cost accounting to analyse your centres of cost and profit.

Consulting and Regulatory Monitoring

We support you all the way, from the creation to the transfer of your company.


CONSOLIDATION - Assistance and Leverage

To get a full overview of your group’s business, our consolidation unit supports you in the implementation of your consolidated accounts.

The training and experience of our dedicated teams give us the expertise needed for the consolidation of accounts, not only to French standards (Regulation 99-02) but also to international standards (IFRS, US and UK GAAP). Our team will handle or help you with:

  • Establishing consolidated accounts (with total or partial delegation)
  • Setting up the most appropriate consolidation software
  • The identification of applicable standards
  • The drafting of procedure manuals
  • Training for your teams