At each stage in the life of public or private companies, major issues arise when it comes to the performance and optimization of organization.

Our consultants, capitalizing on over ten years of experience and specific expertise, set out to bring you a clear global vision of your organization in each of its components: human, financial, organizational and IT.

Our offers :

Governance and Management

The implementation of a governance policy consists in addressing a number of different players, whose interests often diverge, and uniting them around a common project. The aim then is to roll-out an organization in which the decision-making pattern will keep all parties happy.

Change management

Any corporate project that involves organizational and human changes will always require anticipation and support for employees in order to successfully see through the targeted changes and achieve the goals set by the project.
The approach proposed by Dba teams offers a global solution, focused on all the change levers and on an in-depth and detailed analysis of the project’s impacts, in order to identify and remove the risks of resistance to change.

  • Measuring the discrepancies between current and target situations
  • Qualification of the organizational and human impacts per category of company people
  • Building change strategies to promote acceptance and approval by company personnel
  • Itemization of the project geared to all the levers of change: communication, training, processes, management
  • Definition of a dedicated communication plan
  • Planning for the project and the changes.
With a multi-skilled and experienced Dba team (organization, IS, HR and communication), we guarantee success for support operations and for projects.

HR Consulting

As an integral part of a company’s goodwill, human capital must be fully enhanced as an element of differentiation, one that is actively instrumental in the creation of value and the performance of an organization.
In the face of cyclical, structural and regulatory developments, support for people in times of change becomes an issue of critical importance.

Our service consists in helping you in the HR-related implementation of corporate strategy, consistently with corporate culture and with respect for your company’s organization.

Process & Internal Audits

A lot of directors and managers are increasingly looking to steer their organization through the process of uncompromising risk management.

Grounded in pragmatic analysis, specific expertise per sector and methodological monitoring, our approach consists in supporting clients in the implementation of their internal auditing policy with the dual objective of securing their activities (risk management) and improving their channels of information (internal procedures).

Management Information System

Through our know-how and the field experience of our consultants working with financial management divisions, we are able to support you operationally in the optimization and/or upgrading of your information system: accounting, budget, capital investment, administration, consolidation, reporting lines and CRM.

  • Assistance for the design or upgrading of your information system
  • Drafting dedicated specifications
  • Help in the choice of facility
  • Support throughout the integration and roll-out phase (project management assistance).

Client reference:

Agence Culturelle d'Alsace

"Dba made excellent work of their assignment, delivering its own expertise and in-depth knowledge of the management field"

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