HR/Finance IS integrator

With dual expertise as integrator/specialized service provider for accounting and financial steering on the one side, and services for pay and human resources on the other, we can offer you full support in the structuring of your accounting and financial information, your cash-flow, budget, company management and human resources.

Our offers :

Deployment and consulting

Our consultants bring proven expertise in all IS fields (accounting, finance, cash-flow, commercial management, corporate and HR) and will support you throughout every phase of project realization, from the definition of needs to putting into production to user-training.

In order to harmonize, streamline and optimize existing processes, we provide a team tailored to the size of your company and your specific requirements. Once your project is up and running, we continue to provide support over the whole operating cycle.

Project management

Our engagement consists in organizing and tracking the smooth roll-out of your project. We coordinate the work of every different team while respecting budget-related contractual commitments, time-frames and keeping close tabs on technical and functional specifications.

Training for users and functions

We provide you with a team of trainer consultants combining applicative expertise with functional skills to support you in the process of familiarization with your new tool. Whether through on-site training or an e-learning process, you receive regular support in the utilization of your management tool with first-step and/or more advanced training.
We also provide technical assistance to answer all your questions and needs.

IS Project : Support for Choice and Project Management Assistance

HRIS and Finance IS projects are complex affairs and call for the intervention of experts from different fields. Our job is to communicate with all these contributors. We provide you with our experience and skills to help define and formalize your needs in order to choose the tool(s) that suit your business.

For assistance, we write up user needs as expressed by the client in a specifications document, which will drive your project. Our role is to assure coordination between your project provider and your team until the day the tool is put into production.

Change management

Any corporate project that involves organizational and human changes will always require anticipation and support for employees in order to successfully see through the targeted changes and achieve the goals set by the project.
The approach proposed by Dba teams offers a global solution, focused on all the change levers and on an in-depth and detailed analysis of the project’s impacts, in order to identify and remove the risks of resistance to change.

  • Measuring the discrepancies between current and target situations
  • Qualification of the organizational and human impacts per category of company people
  • Building change strategies to promote acceptance and approval by company personnel
  • Itemization of the project geared to all the levers of change: communication, training, processes, management
  • Definition of a dedicated communication plan
  • Planning for the project and the changes.
With a multi-skilled and experienced Dba team (organization, IS, HR and communication), we guarantee success for support operations and for projects.

Dba is a partner and supporter of Kyriba, a market leader for Cash and Liquidity Management and Banking Communication solutions in SaaS mode (Software as a Service).

The huge range of functions offered by the Kyriba solution, its modular and scaleable structure and highly competitive price, all tailored to the specific needs of each company, make it the benchmark solution for all national and international firms that are looking to optimize control of their banking position whether for forecasting or intra-group, and to harness in real time their cash, liquidity and forecasting instruments.
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Dba is a certified accounting, audit and consulting group that associates skills and solutions to support senior management, finance and HR divisions. We are based in Paris and support our clients in France and abroad.
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