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The culture of our group lies with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an ambition leveraged to serve our clients and our employees.


Your prospects

Our growth means we are able to offer employees career prospects that quickly lead to the assuming of responsibilities, especially given the way we support the development of skills through perfectly tuned training curricula.
We recruit candidate profiles throughout the year for each branch of activity and at all grades.

Personality and character

We believe that every person should be valued for his or her personality, for their will to go beyond received ideas and a capacity to adapt to the environments of our clients. A learning curve is drawn not only according to years of experience. Your ability to learn and capitalize your experience is and always will be the number one criterion for advancement.

Your capacity for analysis and a quick deductive mind allow you to grasp new and different situations. Your discernment will make all the difference in establishing relevant analyses and being a part of client relations.

The recruitment process

Step 1: Send your CV and cover letter to the following address: ressources-humaines@fr-dba.com

Step 2: We study and reply to candidacies within 2 weeks.

Step 3: Candidates are seen by a manager for a first interview to discover their professional career and understand their motivations. Depending on the post to be filled, case studies or technical and personality tests may be proposed in order to validate a candidate’s aptitudes.

Step 4: The final interview, which closes the recruitment process, takes place in the presence of the associate responsible for the field of activity in question.


George Kouamé Alexandre Pousse Richard Dupuy Dorota Pescheloche

George Kouamé :

"After several years spent working with a major audit and accounting firm as a certified accountant, I chose to join Dba because of the firm’s multi-disciplinary service product, giving me the possibility to develop my skills in the fields of financial information and consultancy with clients.

Over four years, the group supported me to hone my skills in consolidation techniques and a project for the migration of consolidation systems. I also have the chance to pass my knowledge on to teams and to take part in the group's development projects. To sum up, Dba helps you to develop a line of expertise and to be an integral part of the group’s development.

Alexandre Pousse

"After a gap year spent with a major audit and accounting firm, in 2007 I wanted to join a more human-sized team to do my business school end-of-year internship. I found Dba’s career plan and dynamism very appealing.
Since my arrival, my advancement from intern in the Consulting department to post of senior with the Banking and Insurance department has helped me to follow and be a stakeholder in the firm’s development and evolution.
Dba has grown quickly but has retained the fundamentals and its values, that I would sum up as follows:

- The way associates stay in tune and stay close
- Empowerment and the sense of initiative with consultants
- The potential for advancement within the firm’s different departmentss

I chose to develop my functions expertise around financial information (consolidation, management control, assistance for project management, Project Management Officer, etc.), working with major banking and insurance groups in a context of transition or strengthening of production teams.
The diversity of missions and prospects for advancement within a dynamic group like Dba are a real driving force in our everyday business.

Richard Dupuy

"After 4 years with a firm, I decided to join Dba, whose advancement project was a combination of ambition and closeness.
My choice was also motivated by the chance to carry out assignments with international companies, thereby helping me to complete my certified accounting memoir. Now that I have graduated, I carry out assignments that range from support for our clients in due diligence, to legal auditing of accounts to outsourced accounting assistance with international organizations.
The group proposed that I assist the associate at the head of the auditing department for the development of business and representation within the national and international network. Since my arrival, the associates have supported me in my options and the achievement of my objectives of becoming a certified accountant. I made it thanks to three factors:

- Dba's savvy and technical expertise
- My own motivation
- And above all else the team ethos and the spirit of sharing that runs through all our staff and also the firm’s associates.

Dorota Pescheloche

"After working with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France then with the BCP Bank in Paris, I joined the Dba group at the end of 2010 in what was a new function for me: accounting.

Joining this international multi-function group was a professional and personal challenge for me. I was presented with an opportunity to gain new skills while leveraging my experience and retaining a close link with my home country, Poland. My twin curriculum – French and Polish – means that every day I can support Polish companies operating in France and help them with their accounting, tax, social and administrative obligations.