Our Fields of Expertise – Renewable Energies
Dba Renewable Energies Our Fields of Expertise – Renewable Energies Dba renewable energies
François BIANCO
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We have developed a service product dedicated to Renewable Energies focused on the development of photovoltaic projects.

Our offers :

CSR Mission

Back by exclusive partnerships, we carry out assignments that combine projects for the production of renewable energies with CSR evaluations: evaluation of governance, social and environmental stewardship, carbon footprint…

Assembly and Realization of Photovoltaic Projects

With the backing of a network of research and engineering offices and fully certified photovoltaic installers, we carry out projects with land-owners (local government, farms, industrialists and private owners) and investors (TEPA Act, funds, industry and commerce).

Our service product covers the assembly of the project for third parties, the simply rental of roof-tops or land, and rental with co-investment from owners.
Dba handles all the town-planning formalities and electrical connections, legal and financial packages, relations with financiers, tax repercussions for stakeholders, and prime contracting..

RE Financial Evaluation

Helped by our knowledge of the Renewable Energies sector and our financial expertise, we provide you with the services of financial evaluation teams to analyse your RE projects, i.e. sizing the investment, the financial business plan, the project’s return and return on investment times, transaction analysis, the relevant legal and tax structure and existing legal analysis (long-term leases, temporary occupation permit..).

We operate both for the sell-off of projects (cleared of all claims, second market) and to create closer ties between players in the RE sector.

Given that RE projects have their own specific issues and that our RE department is just one arm of the whole Dba panoply of expertise, we propose the engagement of dedicated teams for the direct management of companies bringing own projects (certified accounting, tax leveraging, domiciliation).

Support in the management of RE companies

RE projects are always highly specific, and as our RE department is fully integrated into the full portfolio of Dba specialized skills, for each engagement we propose dedicated teams to handle direct management of companies bringing new projects (certified accounting, tax optimization, domiciliation).