Transaction Services

At each stage in the life of business companies, our Corporate Finance experts step in to help and support their clients for ongoing and future projects: financing, development and/or capital structuring.

Financial Evaluation

Financial evaluation lies at the core of the strategic and financial decisions that face every CEO and his or her company. For many years now, we have worked closely with clients in the framework of operations related to capital, disputes or sensitive assets (brand, licence, name, lease entitlement, clientele…), top-line operations or operations linked to the application of standards. Over and above expertise in evaluation techniques, we support clients by looking for all the financial levers that will optimize their projects: structuring financial packages, financing strategy, financing research, support when presenting the project to investors and financiers.

Assistance for setting up projects

We guide bringers of projects to help them launch their company by way of an all-in offering: building a financial business plan, strategic and market analysis, short-term cash requirements. We then organize financing research (investor road show, search for support from banks…).

Once the business is launched, we stay close to project bringers to help set up the first tracking devices for accounting and finance.

Dba is a NACRElabel firm.

Support for company transfer/external growth

Acquisition and transfer are sensitive operations on account of their exceptional and very often “intuitu personae” nature, where personal and private motivations can get caught up with professional reasons.

Calling in outside advice and a consultant, who has personal experience in this type of operation but no personal or emotional involvement with the transaction, is essential to secure and negotiate the operation as effectively as possible. To this end, we provide a real multi-skilled team consisting of auditors, certified accountants, corporate, estate and wealth consultants, legal and tax experts.

Financial and engineering training

As a certified training organization, we offer clients bespoke financial and accountancy training, focusing on expertise in financial concepts, evaluation and IAS/IFRS standards. As designers, writers and facilitators (in French and in English) of training schemes with the financial divisions of major groups, we are in a position to define, qualify and implement an incremental training course based on existing new technologies.
Backed by our professional experience, our objective is to go beyond the approach based on standards and address real examples that are geared to the environment and activity of our customers.

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Dba is a certified accounting, audit and consulting group that associates skills and solutions to support senior management, finance and HR divisions. We are based in Paris and support our clients in France and abroad.
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